Every inch of me really, really want to serve and give my all….
But now is the time to do well.
Do the right thing at the right time.
It’s all about perspective..



A word ringing in my heart..

Psalm 51:17
My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart You, God, will not despise.

It’s always a struggle between doing our own will and God’s will.
The constant decision to do God’s will results in brokenness in our lives.
That’s what I seek.. and that’s what’s most important to me.
To be broken on the inside..

First a Christian

Here I quiet my soul
You are all that I seek
Still within me the worries of life
Here my heart is at peace

You are all that I seek.
First a Christian, then a Obed-edom.
First a daughter, then a leader.

Some nights..

Long nights.
So much more to go to study and revise.
Oh come’on.. pull yourself together.. It’s gonna be over.

There’re some nights I just have to walk through alone.. This is one of them.
But I have no regrets.
Nothing is wasted and will be wasted.
One day, this will be a testimony.. That it’s possible to DO WELL and DO GOOD.
Not lost in this rat race.. I know where am I going and who I am doing this for and with.

Just few thoughts today.. before going back to study.
I believe in dreams.
I believe that one day, those dreams will come to past.
Those are the things that kept me going every morning.
Everyday, I walk to school with those dreams burning in my heart..

I still believe in destiny and calling.
I believe that we have a purpose.
There’s more to life than studying hard and getting all As.
Life is more than a rat race.
Life is more than building our portfolios..
Life is more than successes.
Because.. what if you’re going to die tomorrow? Are you still going to live your life for the things you’re living for now?
Aren’t the things that are most important then be the things we’re living for?

Humankind are pulled together by visions..
I believe that one day we will come together for one cause, one purpose and one person..